Hex Keys -Hexagonal Keyboard Produced by Denryoku Label-


-To Change settings of Hex Series.

Tap a setting button which is on the lower right corner of the window.

-Octave button is not working.

Octave button is only available when OSC is chosen from the tone list.

-Can I get more built-in sounds?

More built-in sounds will be added by future updates.

-No signal is received by HexOSCtoMIDI.

Please follow the steps of this page below;
OSC Settings

-To stop stuck notes of Hex OSC full.

Tap a octave button with tapping a setting button.

-Can't parse OSC by OSCulator

Unfortunately, These is no way to parse OSC, which is trasmitted by Hex OSC / Hex OSC Full.
We are planning to update them to make them possible to use OSCulator.

-There is no sound when I tap with 3 fingers.

You may need to change general settings of iPhone. Go to Accessibility Setting and turn off the Zoom function.