Hex Keys -Hexagonal Keyboard Produced by Denryoku Label-

How to Use Hex OSC S / Hex OSC Full

OSC Selection

Go to Settings and select OSC from Tone Setting. Hex OSC S / Hex OSC Full transmit the OSC signal to IP address you specified. You cannot hear any sound form your iPhone during OSC mode.

Sent OSC format

/hexosc (MIDI note No) (velocity)
example: /hexosc 60 100

How to convert OSC to MIDI

You can convert OSC to MIDI by using a patch for Max/MSP named HexOSCtoMIDI (you can download from our web site for free). Then, you can play music with DAW software, software plug-in and music instrument which are able to controlled by MIDI.

  1. Check your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad is connected to your Wi-Fi. If it is not, connect it.
  2. Check your computer, which receives OSC, is connected to the same network by either ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  3. Run Hex OSC / Hex OSC Full.
  4. Enter settings menu.
  5. Select "OSC" from tone list.
  6. Input IP address of your computer which receive OSC from Hex OSC S / Hex OSC Full.
    set IP Address
  7. Check a port number for a sending OSC. The default setting is 7700.
  8. Unzip downloaded patch file named Open "HexOSCtoMIDI.zip".
  9. Open HexOSCtoMIDI(HexOSCtoMIDI.maxpatch) with either the latest version of Max/MSP or Max/MSP Runtime.
    The window below should be appeared.
    HexOSCtoMIDI Screenshot
  10. Check a port number for a receiving OSC. The default setting is 7700. If you would like to change the port number, you need to change port numbers both Hex OSC / Hex OSC Full and HexOSCtoMIDI.These numbers must be same.
  11. Choose MIDI driver for output MIDI from MIDI out list.
    Select Midi Driver
  12. Choose MIDI Driver from a list of DAW. (Screenshot below is the case of using Ableton live 8)
    Ableton Live Midi in Setting
  13. Check a square box next to Start OSC.(A cross mark should be appeared.)
    OSC Start
  14. Quit setting menu of Hex OSC / Hex OSC Full and tap any keys.
  15. You should see flashing a green light of HexOSCtoMIDI.
  16. Enjoy your music!